Did Jesus Really Say That?

October 30, 2011 to November 27, 2011



Peace or Sword?

What did Jesus mean by His statement: "I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"? We'll look closely at this puzzling statement, eliminate some of the misinterpretations, and get to the truth.

Date: 10.30.2011
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Matthew 10:34-39

The Best Inheritance

Jesus said, "How hard it is for the rich man to enter the kingdom of God!" When we focus on what we can gain in this life, we can miss the chance to enjoy the best inheritance of all.

Date: 11.06.2011
Speaker: Chris Hurta
Scripture: Luke 18:18-30

The Extreme Demands of Discipleship

When Jesus said, "If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off," He was serious - serious about sin, that is. Do we take too lightly a topic that Jesus spoke about in such extreme terms?

Date: 11.13.2011
Speaker: Denny Henderson
Scripture: Mark 9:43-48

Buying Friends?

When Jesus said, "Use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves," it sounds like He's suggesting that we use money to "buy" friends. We'll find out what Jesus was communicating to His disciples and to us through the parable of the "shrewd manager."

Date: 11.20.2011
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Luke 16:1-15

Of Stone Throwing and Trap Setting

The story of the woman caught in adultery teaches us the danger of being too quick to throw stones. Learn how Jesus deals with sin – and sinners – in this expression of grace.

Date: 11.27.2011
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: John 8:1-11