February 15, 2015 to March 29, 2015



Naked and Afraid

Sin originated in the Garden of Eden, and we’ve been living under its curse ever since. Why is sin such a big deal to God - and such a huge detriment to us?

Date: 02.15.2015
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Genesis 3:6-24

Taking Out the Trash

What if you had to offer a blood sacrifice to atone for every sin you ever committed? Sounds harsh, right? The Old Testament sin offering illustrates God’s view of sin and our need for atonement.

Date: 02.22.2015
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Leviticus 4:1 – 5:13

Repairing the Damage

Sin damages both the world and people, and repairing what’s been broken can be costly. How can you pay for the damage of your own sins and live with the damage inflicted by others?

Date: 03.01.2015
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Leviticus 5:14-6:7

Restored for Service

Forgiveness doesn’t always lead to restoration. Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf provides forgiveness, but can it restore our broken relationship with God?

Date: 03.08.2015
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Leviticus 1:1-17

Right Perspective, Right Response

Knowing that Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins, what is our response to God’s mercy?

Date: 03.15.2015
Speaker: Josh Horton
Scripture: Leviticus 2

Giving Peace a Chance

The Peace Offering is different than the other sacrifices we’ve seen in this series. The implications reach deep into one’s network of relationships, including their spiritual community.

Date: 03.22.2015
Speaker: John Covell
Scripture: Leviticus 3

Atonement’s Final Symbol

The night before Jesus died, He shared the bread and the cup with His disciples. We’ll learn what the Lord’s supper symbolizes and the implications for our past, present and future.

Date: 03.29.2015
Speaker: Tim Hawks
Scripture: Luke 22:14-20